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27kVA Digital Inverter Generator Portable Camping
27kva Digital Inverter Generator Portable Camping

AU $749.00
Remaining: 4h 25m

Topsun 2kva Inverter Generator

AU $595.00
Remaining: 11h 28m

Inverter Generator Petrol Camping Portable Pure Sine Silent Clearance
Inverter Generator Petrol Camping Portable Pure Sine Silent Clearance

AU $265.00 (15 Bids)
Remaining: 12h 31m

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Which Generator?

Portable generators (or engine generators) are used to supply electricity when it would not otherwise be available. Generator capacity can range from less than 1000 watts up to more than 10,000 watts but you really only need something large enough to suit your specific needs.

For example a 1000w generator can provide a constant supply of 1000w, or enough to power 10 x 100w light bulbs. However you should also take into consideration how much fuel it burns and the size of the tank. A typical 1000w generator will have a tank size between 2-5 litres and will last around 3-5 hours at full load.

Small generators providing around 1000w are used for things like handheld power tools, portable lights, a small television, or a microwave. A refrigerator would typically require 1200w or more so a generator of this size would not be able to provide enough power.

You also have to take into consideration the surge wattage of devices. Some devices may run at 75w (like an electric fan) but require a surge of additional wattage to get them started, making their actually requirements higher.

Device                         Typical wattage         Surge wattage

Light bulb                   60w                             60w

Electric fan                  75w                             150w

Television                    300w                           400w

Computer                    400w                           600w

Microwave                  750w                           1000w

Refrigerator                 1200w                         2400w

Water heater                4500w                         4500w

You also need to consider what type of power you need. Most generators will only provide a raw direct current (or DC) where as many household appliances require an alternating current (or AC). If you require an AC current then you will have to purchase an inverter generator which can convert the power from DC to AC. However it should be noted that Inverter Generators often have a lower output than normal generators.

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